WWII Aircraft Set Their Sights on Tallahassee and Allegro

Tallahassee, Fla. – On March 17, several WWII Veterans from Allegro will be honored at Tallahassee Regional Airport when the Commemorative Air Force and Ageless Aviation Dreams (AADF) will give them the opportunity to get up close to the two most iconic aircrafts from World War II.

Meeting Texas Raiders and AADF be two local WWII veterans.  Peter Moore, age 90, was a paratrooper in the Army serving in the 82nd Airborne Division and is the recipient of the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart. Joining Moore will be Virginia Lepper, age 92, who served as a Corporal in the Women’s Army Corp (WAC).  Eddie Turner, Sargent E5, served in Viet Nam and Neil McDonald, Staff Sargent, served in Viet Nam.

It has been nearly 70 years since the last B-17 lifted into the air during WWII to join the largest air armada ever to fill the skies, and only nine of the 12,731 original bombers are currently flying, including TEXAS RAIDERS. Meeting the iconic bomber in Tallahassee will be the beloved 1942 Boeing Stearman bi-plane owned by Ageless Aviation Dreams.  Thousands of airmen from all over the US learned to fly in the sturdy open cockpit, and a few lucky veterans will have the chance to do so again.

Ageless Aviation Dreams is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “Give Back to Those Who Have Given” by honoring seniors, and particularly military veterans, providing them with dream flights in a vintage, open cockpit biplane at no cost. Flights are made possible through sponsors, such as Sport Clips Haircuts, a salon franchise that specializes in hair care for men and boys. Through Sport Clips’ support as the primary sponsor, AADF will be able to launch approximately 520 flights across the U.S. this year.  Allegro is proud and grateful to have been invited to this wonderful endeavor.




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