Young & Old Come Together In a Rock Concert at Tallahassee Senior Center

Tallahassee, Fla. - In collaboration with residents from Allegro, Florida State University (FSU) music students will perform the eighth Intergenerational Rock Pop Concert on April 21st at 7pm at the Tallahassee Senior Center, 1400 North Monroe Street.  Rehearsals for the performance started in February when FSU students met with residents from Allegro.  The concert includes pieces from The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Kiss, Steppenwolf and many other well-known artists.  A rock band made up of FSU students will accompany the group.

“The goal of this project is to bring two generations together to learn new music, break down stereotypes and to improve cross-age attitudes.  We also hope to increase the quality of life for our mostly 80 and 90-year old singers.  Research indicates that social engagement and learning material that is novel and difficult has the potential to keep older minds active.  Mastering new music is challenging for our older singers, but the students keep them going by making the learning process fun,” said Alice-Ann Darrow, Irvin Professor of Music Education and Music Therapy at Florida State University.

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