Before You Apply

Criminal Background Screening

All applicants to Allegro Senior Living are required by law to undergo a background screening and fingerprinting, including without limitation statewide criminal and juvenile (as permitted by law) records checks through the state Department of Law Enforcement, and federal criminal records checks through the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  In addition, background screening may include checks of local criminal records through local law enforcement agencies.   Due to technological advances we have seen significant improvements in the availability of arrest and conviction information during the screening process - even for offenses occurring in other states. Thus, if you have disqualifying offenses on your record, it is highly likely that they will be identified by the review process and this will prohibit us from considering you for any open positions.

Persons are disqualified from working at Allegro if they have been found guilty of or entered a plea of nolo contendere to certain offenses, even if adjudication was ultimately withheld.  Please do not submit a completed application for employment at Allegro if you do not in good faith believe you will meet the background screening requirements.  If you have further questions regarding specific offenses, please contact our Human Resources Department at

Drug-Free Workplace

Allegro is committed to creating and maintaining a workplace free of substance abuse.  Current use of illegal drugs may prohibit you from being employed by Allegro or any property managed by Allegro.  Therefore, all applicants are required to undergo pre-employment drug testing.

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